Lawn Renovation

Revitalize Your Lawn with Professional Lawn Renovation Services

Outdoors Unlimited Inc. offers expert lawn renovation services to breathe new life into tired, damaged, or overgrown lawns. Serving both residential and commercial properties in Glendale, Milwaukee, Fox Point, Bayside, Brown Deer, Mequon, Cedarburg, Grafton, Waukesha, Pewaukee, South Milwaukee, Cudahy, Franklin, Oak Creek, New Berlin, Elm Grove, and Brookfield, we specialize in transforming lackluster lawns into lush, healthy, and vibrant outdoor spaces.

Our Lawn Renovation Services Include:

Assessment and Evaluation: Our experienced lawn care professionals will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your lawn to identify areas of concern, such as thinning grass, bare patches, soil compaction, or weed infestations. We'll evaluate the underlying causes of these issues and develop a customized renovation plan to address them effectively.

Thatching and Aeration: We'll remove excess thatch and alleviate soil compaction with professional dethatching and core aeration services. Thatching and aeration promote healthy root growth, improve soil structure and drainage, and enhance the uptake of water, air, and nutrients by your turfgrass, resulting in a healthier and more resilient lawn.

Overseeding: We'll overseed your lawn with premium grass seed blends to fill in bare patches, improve turf density, and enhance overall turf quality. Our experts will select the appropriate seed varieties based on your soil type, sun exposure, and climate conditions, ensuring optimal germination and establishment for a lush and uniform lawn.

Topdressing: We offer topdressing services to improve soil health and fertility, enhance moisture retention, and provide a nutrient-rich environment for new grass seed to thrive. We'll apply a thin layer of compost, organic matter, or specialized soil mix to the surface of your lawn, promoting healthy root development and accelerating the establishment of new grass seed.

Weed Control: We'll implement targeted weed control measures to eliminate unsightly weeds and prevent them from competing with newly seeded grass for water, nutrients, and sunlight. Our lawn care professionals will apply selective herbicides to target specific weed species while minimizing the impact on desirable turfgrass.

Fertilization and Soil Amendments: We'll provide your newly renovated lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive with customized fertilization and soil amendment treatments. Our experts will analyze your soil composition and pH levels and develop a tailored plan to address any deficiencies and promote healthy turf growth.

Post-Renovation Care: We'll provide you with guidance and recommendations for post-renovation care to ensure the long-term success of your newly renovated lawn. From watering and mowing schedules to ongoing maintenance tips, we'll help you nurture your lawn and preserve its beauty for years to come.

Revitalize your lawn with professional lawn renovation services from Outdoors Unlimited Inc. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and transform your lawn into the lush and healthy outdoor space you've always wanted.